Yestermorrow Thoughts - After the First Week

Our Yestermorrow Design/Build class took a field trip to a Vermont hillside permaculture farm on Thursday. We had a fascinating tour of a 10 acre site that is being transformed from a typical heavily wooded white pine forest into a food producing and ecologically restorative plot of land.

At one point we went into the basement/shop of the farmer's house and I took the photo above. When looking for an image to convey my end-of-first-week thoughts this one seemed like a good choice.


I'm still somewhat in the dark regarding this new realm I've entered.

There are lots of elements to integrate and they can be quite confusing.

The patterns that organize information in this domain are not yet clear and everything seems a bit of a jumble.

There is lots of light streaming in from the instructors, from my classmates, and from the Yestermorrow environment.

So I'm off to a good start, paddling gingerly in the zone of proximal development, and looking forward to week two!