My Analog and Digital Worlds

This morning, as I was surfing the web and kayaking the tweet stream, I kept seeing a Yellow Warbler flash by as it went about its business in the Hickory trees in our front yard.

I was tempted a few times to go find my digital camera and try to get a of picture of the little fellow, but the web kep pulling me back in. What precious new bit of information might be in the next tweet, email, website, etc... hurry, click (or tap) and find out!

I had my own little Bloomberg terminal set up, with my iPad perched next to my laptop. Like a day trader I was busily searching out knowledge that might provide clues to using information technology to improve education. Meanwhile the Yellow Warbler occasionally flashed by, alerting my brain -at some level- about this amazing analog world buzzing along just outside the window.

I often find myself pondering the analogy/digital divide in our lives. Perhaps "divide" is not the right word, but they do seem like two quite separate worlds. I know most of us are struggling with finding the right balance in how we apportion our time between the two.

I suppose I'm particularly pensive and reflective because I'm disconnecting from the institution that has been my workplace home for the past 27 years. While the separation is totally my choice (he hastens to add) and something I've desired for a number of years, it never-the-less has me thinking a lot about schools and education, and my place in them.

Most of the people I follow on twitter work in "ed tech" and many are currently attending conferences at which the focus is sharing information about making our schools more effective learning environments next season. This is absolutely essential work, and one of the big ways progress happens in our schools. However, being deinstitutionalized for the coming year, I have a different perspective, which I hope may provide some insights into what the future may hold. I hope this perspective will unfold in this blog, a bit like a flower blossom, as the year progresses.

If the weather holds I'll go kayaking again this afternoon. (I did) I'll also check the progress of the Hollyhocks out front, the tomatoes on the deck, and I'll keep an eye out for that Yellow Warbler. (Saw it again as approaching home from my paddle out on the Sound.)

I'll also jump in and out of that tremendously attractive pulsating flood of information flowing through the Internet, try not be overwhelmed by it all, and hope to ride a good wave now and then.

(Image is from one of my first SketchUp "art" models. It's called Reason and Passion... or something like that.)