Filming the Stage (Not)

"Filming the Stage" is a metaphor for letting an old medium, the classroom in my case, limit your thinking about a new medium. Online learning is a new medium, and I think in too many cases we are letting our thinking about the old medium, the classroom, unnecessarily constrain our thinking about the affordances (seems to be the hot new pedagogical word) of the new medium of online learning.

In the next few years I hope to move most of my teaching to an online format. I'm really interested in exploring all the possibilities that this new medium affords. Participating in EduMooc, and following all the resources provided by that experience, is one of my exploratory paths. Another is playing around with iMovie for the iPad and literally taking the camera outside and moving it around while making instructional videos.

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Fred, I loved the videos. I learned a lot about you. So learning took place. I am not sure that you really want to leave the classroom because all that you worry about in the video is what you do not have control of. Take learning to outside if you really want to be learning. Learning is about experience. When your expierence alters your behavior learning has taken place.

I am going to take my camera outside and experience my yard. I hope you can learn something about me from that experience and that it will alter your behavior towards me in some way.

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