Covering A Complexly-Curved Roof

If you have a roof curving in multiple planes then a waterproof covering becomes quite a tricky issue.

One possibility is a monolithic coating of some waterproof substance like fiberglass. A problem with this approach is that fiberglass is not particularly sustainable or healthy to work with. It also would require exceptional technique to create an attractive looking roof.

I was browsing the aisles at our local Home Depot yesterday and came across rolls of thin aluminum used for various roofing tasks. Perhaps this material could be pleated and formed to wrap around gently curving roofs.

The images at the top show some experiments with paper.

3 responses
Curved roofs are quite a rare sight, since most houses have arch-shaped roofs. I can imagine a little house with a curved roof. It's actually pretty cute. =)
Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your comment. Curved roofs are quite rare indeed. There are so many challenges I think most people just say why bother. I'm making steady progress but can use all the help I can get.
I can say that this plan is so far a prototype of something bigger and better! =) I hope that you will come up with great solutions. And with regards to roofing designs, the only important thing for me is its efficiency. Overall, the curved roofing holds a lot of potential in meeting every homeowner’s needs.