Help Build OPuS, CoP by CoP

Great ideas for Communities of Practice have been put up on the OPuS brainstorming board by Bill Ivey, Alex Ragone, Linda Vasu, Anne Hamel & Debbie Abilock, Laurie Bartels, Matt Montaigne, Norman Maynard, Chris Pryor, Stephen Hurley, Susan Carter Morgan, Pat Hough, Al Doyle, and Reshan Richards.

OPuS is a vision of an open-source augmentation to our schools.

To turn that vision into reality we need:

•many of you to share your passion by creating a CoP idea on the OPuS brainstorming board

•help with the design, building and funding of a hosting platform

•help organizing the CoP open-space brainstorming board as the number of CoPs grows

•help with spreading the word about OPuS within the education community

-help with refining and improving the OPuS concept (see this recent piece by Douglas Thomas

-help with the organizational details

-help with thinking about the obstacles to successful development of OPuS, and what can done to overcome them

Thanks for considering,