A Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) Toy

For many years I've been playing around with a building toy idea, using SketchUp to model designs. At one point I actually had a prototype made of a key part by sending in a CAD file to a rapid prototyping service.

A few weeks ago I ran across Quirky and decided to take the few minutes (and $10) needed to submit my building toy idea. I checked the site for a week or so and as nothing seemed to be happening kind of forgot about it.

Last Friday I received an email saying my idea had been selected for development. Here is a post on Quirky's blog about the selection process. This article in the New York Times gives a more general overview of how Quirky works.

I have no idea how far this will go but it is definitely cool that services are developing –like Quirky and KickStarter– that can help new "quirky" design ideas get some exposure. The power of Web 2.0 continues to surprise and delight.

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Hmm, something about "following your dreams" springs to mind" ... And the benefits of keeping PLAY in one's life :)
Like with Irene, we will just have to wait and see how this develops.
So exciting! Congrats, Fred. My father once submitted a garbage can design to an invention company via mail. It was rejected, but I've seen many new garbage can designs that are similar to the one he created. I wonder if he submitted it now on one of these social sites it might have had a better chance!
Thanks Alex. Really an interesting example of the power of Web 2.0. Likely your father's idea would have had a better reception now! Looking forward to seeing how this develops and will keep providing updates here.
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