Walkthrough of the SketchUp Model Used for a Presentation about OPuS

At the Embracing Innovation conference hosted by Poughkeepsie Day School on April 15th I gave a presentation focused on the process that led to the development of OPuS. To facilitate this I oriented the presentation on a timeline in SketchUp.

Without my commentary the walkthough will not make a whole lot of sense, but essentially, images are shown in chronological order, of the people, resouces, events and tools that led to the development of OPuS in early 2011.

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So much technology available...so quickly!
Fred, this is fabulous. I'm a retired teacher. Currently, I'm on San Juan Island with Michael Cohen and other students of Project NatureConnect.

I'm taking an online course in Tech Tools, and this is how I stumbled upon your work. I am fascinated by your idea to involve retired teachers who never want to retire. I feel that 36 years in the classroom impeded my technological growth, but I also feel our current system of education is a disaster. So, I need to catch up, and then I would like to continue teaching, using technology in a modern way. At this point, my students know more than I!

I joined prezi, and I'm going to take a look at your other links. However, I'm supposed to be camping for the next five days and learning new tech tools. Hmmm. How do I do this?! I have a USB connection, but I'm not sure it will work in the forest!


Good luck with the weather while you are camping.

Lonnie, who wrote the comment just before yours, is also a retired teacher who wants to learn more about using technology to continue teaching. I suspect there are a lot of us out there, and if we get organized we might be able to make a big difference.

Looking forward to continuing the the conversation when you get back on the 'net. In the meantime enjoy being out in nature.


At this point and for the next five days, I'm in and out of the woods. :)
I signed up for Prezi, but how am I ever going to learn to use it?!
I would like to take a deeper look at your ideas, Fred. Some of the screens were not clearI might have the ability to enlarge them, but I don't know how. There are many, manythings I don't know about my own computer!
Hi Jane,

Hope you had a good wilderness experience.

Glad to help with explanations of anything that is not clear. Part of the problem may be my ideas, which are sometimes in an incomplete form when I post them, as I'm in the process of working things out.

You shouldn't worry about what you don't know about computers. Even those of us who work with computers all the time have vast gaps in our knowledge. There is just no way to know more than a fraction of what's available out there.

One thing you might consider doing is starting a blog, and in the process of writing posts you will gradually expand your knowledge and comfort zone.

Enjoying the beautiful sunny Sunday here in NY.